About Albert Aiello


My name is Albert Aiello and I am your representative on Thunder Bay City Council for the McIntyre Ward.

It is my privilege to serve and represent you and any concerns you may have moving forward regarding city matters. The McIntyre Ward is geographically the largest area of the city and the fastest growing in terms of development. Many new families are calling the Ward home. I firmly believe we pay too much taxes and are not getting the value for our tax dollars in the McIntyre Ward.


I believe in economic development that will provide our children the opportunity and option to live and work in Thunder Bay.

  • Paving in areas of McIntyre is below any reasonable standards and needs to be redone.
  • Green spaces need and recreational facilities need to be maintained and developed to meet the growing population.
  • Dawson road traffic and warning lights along the highway to ensure both pedestrian and vehicle safety.
  • Storm sewers and sidewalks ….who is going to pay for them?
  • Chip & Seal vs grading and paving - long term costs.
  • Parking and ticketing issues at Jumbo Garden Field where youth soccer is played.
  • Connecting the bike path crossing the expressway under the McIntyre bridge in Cherry Ridge to ensure safe crossing for our children.
  • I would to see the thinning out of the trail system behind the landmark to allow clearer site for safety purposes.
  • I will rotate our regular Ward Meetings to different locations throughout the ward to ensure everyone has the opportunity to voice any concerns or provide feedback removing transportation barriers for residence that don’t drive.

I am a graduate of the Leadership Thunder Bay Program and through my work with Boys & Girls Club have gathered knowledge of municipal politics. I have made formal and informal presentations to council on several occasions. I am committed, dedicated, resourceful and cautious on spending working in the non-profit sector.


If you would like to discuss any issues or show your support, please give me a call at (807) 628-6378.