Advocate For A Clear Plan For The Future

  • Consult with employees and the community in the development of a clear plan.
  • Include a youth consultation component with focus on attraction and retention.
  • Communicate this clearly including measurable targets.
  • Provide an annual report on progress.

Infrastructure, Operations and Taxation

  • Initiate, with the support of employees, an Operations Improvement Committee, looking for immediate improvements as well as longer-term opportunities.
  • Develop a taxation forecast and alternate revenue plan.
  • Reduce red tape for standard forms, bills, building approvals.
  • Represent the region to all levels of government.

Growth, Revenue Generation, Diversification

  • Promote the development of Thunder Bay as a bedroom and service community for resource development.
  • Identify potential supporting industries.

Social and Environmental Action Plan and Responsibility

  • Promote diversity within the city administration, employment and committees.
  • Develop an environmental and socio-economic charter(s) that outline the principles in which the city operates.
  • Develop a community safety and reducing crime strategy with the local enforcement agencies.